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Verbs M-Z

A. English verbs can be divided into two groups based on the number of forms.

1. Be has eight forms (see Auxiliary Verbs).

2. All other English verbs have five forms (see the list of common English verbs below).

base (sometimes called the simple or bare infinitive form)



ing (traditionally called the present participle)

participle (traditionally called the past participle)

B. Functions of the five verb forms (all verbs except be):

1. The base form has functions both with and without tense.

a. With tense: The base form is the simple present tense form in statements when the subject is I, we, you, they, or any plural.

b. Without tense: The base form is used:

1. in simple present and simple past tense verb phrases when the tense is on the auxiliary do (that is, in questions and negatives) no matter what the subject is;

2. in verb phrases which contain any of the modal, phrasal modal, or modal-like auxiliaries (see Modal Auxiliaries) no matter what the subject is;

3. with to to make infinitives.

2. The +s form has only one function. It is the present tense form in statements when the subject is he, she, it, or any singular other than I or you.

3. The past form has only one function. It is the past tense form in statements no matter what the subject is.

4. The ing form has no tense. It has three functions:

a. It is the main verb in continuous verb phrases.

b. It can be a noun. (It is called a gerund when it functions as a noun.)

c. It can be a modifier.

5. The participle form has no tense. It has two functions:

a. It is the main verb in perfect and passive verb phrases.

b. It can be a modifier.

C. Below is a list of the five forms of some common English verbs. Also see Verbs A-L.

base: make +s: makes past: made ing: making participle: made
base: manage +s: manages past: managed ing: managing participle: managed
base: mean +s: means past: meant ing: meaning participle: meant
base: meet +s: meets past: met ing: meeting participle: met
base: memorize +s: memorizes past: memorized ing: memorizing participle: memorized
base: mention +s: mentions past: mentioned ing: mentioning participle: mentioned
base: miss +s: misses past: missed ing: missing participle: missed
base: misspell +s: misspells past: misspelled ing: misspelling participle: misspelled
base: mistake +s: mistakes past: mistook ing: mistaking participle: mistaken
base: mix +s: mixes past: mixed ing: mixing participle: mixed
base: moan +s: moans past: moaned ing: moaning participle: moaned
base: move +s: moves past: moved ing: moving participle: moved
base: murder +s: murders past: murdered ing: murdering participle: murdered
base: mutter +s: mutters past: muttered ing: muttering participle: muttered
base: narrate +s: narrates past: narrated ing: narrating participle: narrated
base: need +s: needs past: needed ing: needing participle: needed
base: neglect +s: neglects past: neglected ing: neglecting participle: neglected
base: notice +s: notices past: noticed ing: noticing participle: noticed
base: nullify +s: nullifies past: nullified ing: nullifying participle: nullified
base: observe +s: observes past: observed ing: observing participle: observed
base: occur +s: occurs past: occurred ing: occurring participle: occurred
base: offend +s: offends past: offended ing: offending participle: offended
base: offer +s: offers past: offered ing: offering participle: offered
base: open +s: opens past: opened ing: opening participle: opened
base: order +s: orders past: ordered ing: ordering participle: ordered
base: overcome +s: overcomes past: overcame ing: overcoming participle: overcome
base: overdo +s: overdoes past: overdid ing: overdoing participle: overdone
base: overtake +s: overtakes past: overtook ing: overtaking participle: overtaken
base: overthrow +s: overthrows past: overthrew ing: overthrowing participle: overthrown
base: own +s: owns past: owned ing: owning participle: owned
base: pack +s: packs past: packed ing: packing participle: packed
base: paint +s: paints past: painted ing: painting participle: painted
base: pamper +s: pampers past: pampered ing: pampering participle: pampered
base: pant +s: pants past: panted ing: panting participle: panted
base: pass +s: passes past: passed ing: passing participle: passed
base: pay +s: pays past: paid ing: paying participle: paid
base: peek +s: peeks past: peeked ing: peeking participle: peeked
base: permit +s: permits past: permitted ing: permitting participle: permitted
base: persuade +s: persuades past: persuaded ing: persuading participle: persuaded
base: pick +s: picks past: picked ing: picking participle: picked
base: plan +s: plans past: planned ing: planning participle: planned
base: play +s: plays past: played ing: playing participle: played
base: plead +s: pleads past: pleaded ing: pleading participle: pleaded
base: pledge +s: pledges past: pledged ing: pledging participle: pledged
base: point +s: points past: pointed ing: pointing participle: pointed
base: polish +s: polishes past: polished ing: polishing participle: polished
base: postpone +s: postpones past: postponed ing: postponing participle: postponed
base: practice +s: practices past: practiced ing: practicing participle: practiced
base: pray +s: prays past: prayed ing: praying participle: prayed
base: prefer +s: prefers past: preferred ing: preferring participle: preferred
base: prepare +s: prepares past: prepared ing: preparing participle: prepared
base: prescribe +s: prescribes past: prescribed ing: prescribing participle: prescribed
base: present +s: presents past: presented ing: presenting participle: presented
base: pretend +s: pretends past: pretended ing: pretending participle: pretended
base: prevent +s: prevents past: prevented ing: preventing participle: prevented
base: produce +s: produces past: produced ing: producing participle: produced
base: promise +s: promises past: promised ing: promising participle: promised
base: pronounce +s: pronounces past: pronounced ing: pronouncing participle: pronounced
base: prove +s: proves past: proved ing: proving participle: proved
base: pull +s: pulls past: pulled ing: pulling participle: pulled
base: push +s: pushes past: pushed ing: pushing participle: pushed
base: put +s: puts past: put ing: putting participle: put
base: putter +s: putters past: puttered ing: puttering participle: puttered
base: quake +s: quakes past: quaked ing: quaking participle: quaked
base: qualify +s: qualifies past: qualified ing: qualifying participle: qualified
base: quarrel +s: quarrels past: quarreled ing: quarreling participle: quarreled
base: quibble +s: quibbles past: quibbled ing: quibbling participle: quibbled
base: quiet +s: quiets past: quieted ing: quieting participle: quieted
base: quit +s: quits past: quit ing: quitting participle: quit
base: quiver +s: quivers past: quivered ing: quivering participle: quivered
base: quote +s: quotes past: quoted ing: quoting participle: quoted
base: race +s: races past: raced ing: racing participle: raced
base: rain +s: rains past: rained ing: raining participle: rained
base: raise +s: raises past: raised ing: raising participle: raised
base: read +s: reads past: read ing: reading participle: read
base: realize +s: realizes past: realized ing: realizing participle: realized
base: recite +s: recites past: recited ing: reciting participle: recited
base: refer +s: refers past: referred ing: referring participle: referred
base: refuse +s: refuses past: refused ing: refusing participle: refused
base: rely +s: relies past: relied ing: relying participle: relied
base: remember +s: remembers past: remembered ing: remembering participle: remembered
base: remind +s: reminds past: reminded ing: reminding participle: reminded
base: rent +s: rents past: rented ing: renting participle: rented
base: repair +s: repairs past: repaired ing: repairing participle: repaired
base: repeat +s: repeats past: repeated ing: repeating participle: repeated
base: reply +s: replies past: replied ing: replying participle: replied
base: request +s: requests past: requested ing: requesting participle: requested
base: require +s: requires past: required ing: requiring participle: required
base: resent +s: resents past: resented ing: resenting participle: resented
base: resist +s: resists past: resisted ing: resisting participle: resisted
base: resolve +s: resolves past: resolved ing: resolving participle: resolved
base: return +s: returns past: returned ing: returning participle: returned
base: review +s: reviews past: reviewed ing: reviewing participle: reviewed
base: revolve +s: revolves past: revolved ing: revolving participle: revolved
base: ride +s: rides past: rode ing: riding participle: ridden
base: ring +s: rings past: rang ing: ringing participle: rung
base: rip +s: rips past: ripped ing: ripping participle: ripped
base: rise +s: rises past: rose ing: rising participle: risen
base: roast +s: roasts past: roasted ing: roasting participle: roasted
base: rob +s: robs past: robbed ing: robbing participle: robbed
base: rub +s: rubs past: rubbed ing: rubbing participle: rubbed
base: run +s: runs past: ran ing: running participle: run
base: save +s: saves past: saved ing: saving participle: saved
base: say +s: says past: said ing: saying participle: said
base: scream +s: screams past: screamed ing: screaming participle: screamed
base: see +s: sees past: saw ing: seeing participle: seen
base: seek +s: seeks past: sought ing: seeking participle: sought
base: seem +s: seems past: seemed ing: seeming participle: seemed
base: sell +s: sells past: sold ing: selling participle: sold
base: send +s: sends past: sent ing: sending participle: sent
base: separate +s: separates past: separated ing: separating participle: separated
base: set +s: sets past: set ing: setting participle: set
base: sew +s: sews past: sewed ing: sewing participle: sewn
base: shake +s: shakes past: shook ing: shaking participle: shaken
base: shed +s: sheds past: shed ing: shedding participle: shed
base: shine +s: shines past: shined ing: shining participle: shined
base: shine +s: shines past: shone ing: shining participle: shone
base: shiver +s: shivers past: shivered ing: shivering participle: shivered
base: shoot +s: shoots past: shot ing: shooting participle: shot
base: shout +s: shouts past: shouted ing: shouting participle: shouted
base: show +s: shows past: showed ing: showing participle: shown
base: shrink +s: shrinks past: shrank ing: shrinking participle: shrunk
base: shut +s: shuts past: shut ing: shutting participle: shut
base: sigh +s: sighs past: sighed ing: sighing participle: sighed
base: sing +s: sings past: sang ing: singing participle: sung
base: sink +s: sinks past: sank ing: sinking participle: sunk
base: sip +s: sips past: sipped ing: sipping participle: sipped
base: sit +s: sits past: sat ing: sitting participle: sat
base: slay +s: slays past: slew ing: slaying participle: slain
base: sleep +s: sleeps past: slept ing: sleeping participle: slept
base: slide +s: slides past: slid ing: sliding participle: slid
base: slit +s: slits past: slit ing: slitting participle: slit
base: smell +s: smells past: smelled ing: smelling participle: smelled
base: smile +s: smiles past: smiled ing: smiling participle: smiled
base: smoke +s: smokes past: smoked ing: smoking participle: smoked
base: sneak +s: sneaks past: sneaked ing: sneaking participle: sneaked
base: sneeze +s: sneezes past: sneezed ing: sneezing participle: sneezed
base: sniff +s: sniffs past: sniffed ing: sniffing participle: sniffed
base: speak +s: speaks past: spoke ing: speaking participle: spoken
base: speed +s: speeds past: sped ing: speeding participle: sped
base: spell +s: spells past: spelled ing: spelling participle: spelled
base: spend +s: spends past: spent ing: spending participle: spent
base: spill +s: spills past: spilled ing: spilling participle: spilled
base: spin +s: spins past: spun ing: spinning participle: spun
base: spit +s: spits past: spit ing: spitting participle: spit
base: split +s: splits past: split ing: splitting participle: split
base: spoil +s: spoils past: spoiled ing: spoiling participle: spoiled
base: spread +s: spreads past: spread ing: spreading participle: spread
base: spring +s: springs past: sprang ing: springing participle: sprung
base: stand +s: stands past: stood ing: standing participle: stood
base: start +s: starts past: started ing: starting participle: started
base: steal +s: steals past: stole ing: stealing participle: stolen
base: step +s: steps past: stepped ing: stepping participle: stepped
base: stick +s: sticks past: stuck ing: sticking participle: stuck
base: sting +s: stings past: stung ing: stinging participle: stung
base: stink +s: stinks past: stank ing: stinking participle: stunk
base: stir +s: stirs past: stirred ing: stirring participle: stirred
base: stop +s: stops past: stopped ing: stopping participle: stopped
base: strike +s: strikes past: struck ing: striking participle: struck
base: string +s: strings past: strung ing: stringing participle: strung
base: strip +s: strips past: stripped ing: stripping participle: stripped
base: strive +s: strives past: strove ing: striving participle: striven
base: study +s: studies past: studied ing: studying participle: studied
base: suffer +s: suffers past: suffered ing: suffering participle: suffered
base: suggest +s: suggests past: suggested ing: suggesting participle: suggested
base: suppose +s: supposes past: supposed ing: supposing participle: supposed
base: surprise +s: surprises past: surprised ing: surprising participle: surprised
base: surround +s: surrounds past: surrounded ing: surrounding participle: surrounded
base: suspect +s: suspects past: suspected ing: suspecting participle: suspected
base: swallow +s: swallows past: swallowed ing: swallowing participle: swallowed
base: swear +s: swears past: swore ing: swearing participle: sworn
base: sweep +s: sweeps past: swept ing: sweeping participle: swept
base: swell +s: swells past: swelled ing: swelling participle: swollen
base: swim +s: swims past: swam ing: swimming participle: swum
base: swing +s: swings past: swung ing: swinging participle: swung
base: take +s: takes past: took ing: taking participle: taken
base: talk +s: talks past: talked ing: talking participle: talked
base: taste +s: tastes past: tasted ing: tasting participle: tasted
base: teach +s: teaches past: taught ing: teaching participle: taught
base: tear +s: tears past: tore ing: tearing participle: torn
base: tell +s: tells past: told ing: telling participle: told
base: tempt +s: tempts past: tempted ing: tempting participle: tempted
base: tend +s: tends past: tended ing: tending participle: tended
base: test +s: tests past: tested ing: testing participle: tested
base: think +s: thinks past: thought ing: thinking participle: thought
base: throw +s: throws past: threw ing: throwing participle: thrown
base: tickle +s: tickles past: tickled ing: tickling participle: tickled
base: tie +s: ties past: tied ing: tying participle: tied
base: touch +s: touches past: touched ing: touching participle: touched
base: train +s: trains past: trained ing: training participle: trained
base: travel +s: travels past: traveled ing: traveling participle: traveled
base: tremble +s: trembles past: trembled ing: trembling participle: trembled
base: trick +s: tricks past: tricked ing: tricking participle: tricked
base: trust +s: trusts past: trusted ing: trusting participle: trusted
base: try +s: tries past: tried ing: trying participle: tried
base: turn +s: turns past: turned ing: turning participle: turned
base: understand +s: understands past: understood ing: understanding participle: understood
base: undertake +s: undertakes past: undertook ing: undertaking participle: undertaken
base: uphold +s: upholds past: upheld ing: upholding participle: upheld
base: upset +s: upsets past: upset ing: upsetting participle: upset
base: urge +s: urges past: urged ing: urging participle: urged
base: use +s: uses past: used ing: using participle: used
base: vary +s: varies past: varied ing: varying participle: varied
base: visit +s: visits past: visited ing: visiting participle: visited
base: visualize +s: visualizes past: visualized ing: visualizing participle: visualized
base: vote +s: votes past: voted ing: voting participle: voted
base: wait +s: waits past: waited ing: waiting participle: waited
base: wake +s: wakes past: woke ing: waking participle: waked
base: walk +s: walks past: walked ing: walking participle: walked
base: wander +s: wanders past: wandered ing: wandering participle: wandered
base: want +s: wants past: wanted ing: wanting participle: wanted
base: warn +s: warns past: warned ing: warning participle: warned
base: wash +s: washes past: washed ing: washing participle: washed
base: waste +s: wastes past: wasted ing: wasting participle: wasted
base: watch +s: watches past: watched ing: watching participle: watched
base: wave +s: waves past: waved ing: waving participle: waved
base: wear +s: wears past: wore ing: wearing participle: worn
base: weave +s: weaves past: wove ing: weaving participle: woven
base: weep +s: weeps past: wept ing: weeping participle: wept
base: wet +s: wets past: wet ing: wetting participle: wet
base: whirl +s: whirls past: whirled ing: whirling participle: whirled
base: whisper +s: whispers past: whispered ing: whispering participle: whispered
base: whistle +s: whistles past: whistled ing: whistling participle: whistled
base: win +s: wins past: won ing: winning participle: won
base: wind +s: winds past: wound ing: winding participle: wound
base: wipe +s: wipes past: wiped ing: wiping participle: wiped
base: wish +s: wishes past: wished ing: wishing participle: wished
base: withdraw +s: withdraws past: withdrew ing: withdrawing participle: withdrawn
base: withhold +s: withholds past: withheld ing: withholding participle: withheld
base: withstand +s: withstands past: withstood ing: withstanding participle: withstood
base: wonder +s: wonders past: wondered ing: wondering participle: wondered
base: work +s: works past: worked ing: working participle: worked
base: wound +s: wounds past: wounded ing: wounding participle: wounded
base: wring +s: wrings past: wrung ing: wringing participle: wrung
base: write +s: writes past: wrote ing: writing participle: written
base: yearn +s: yearns past: yearned ing: yearning participle: yearned
base: yell +s: yells past: yelled ing: yelling participle: yelled
base: yield +s: yields past: yielded ing: yielding participle: yielded
base: zap +s: zaps past: zapped ing: zapping participle: zapped
base: zigzag +s: zigzags past: zigzagged ing: zigzagging participle: zigzagged
base: zip +s: zips past: zipped ing: zipping participle: zipped


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