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ATT00010 Life is very short, so break your silly ego, forgive quickly, believe slowly, love truly, laugh loudly & never avoid anything that makes you smile. Have a beautiful day !!! by JIBI

It's beyond me

It's beyond me !!!

Anthony How long have you been in this country ?
Seung Two months.
Anthony Is it hard for you to study at an American college ?
Seung Yes, I find it very difficult. Especially when you can't follow the professor's lecture.
Anthony That's because you just arrived. Do you like biology ?
Seung No. It's beyond me.

Explanation :

If you say that something is beyond someone, you mean that they cannot deal with it.

Example :

Although he could give her sympathy, any practical help would almost certainly be beyond him ......

You are on the right track

You are on the right track !!!

Greg I am trying to figure out who the murderer is in this story.
Curtis Who do you think it is !
Greg I think it's Mr. Johnson because he was in the house at the time of the murder.
Curtis No, but you are on the right track.

Explanation :

If you are on the right track , you are acting or progressing in a way that is likely to result in success.

Example :

Guests are returning in increasing numbers - a sure sign that we are on the right track ...

Don't get me wrong

Don't get me wrong !!!

Marcie Don't get me wrong ! I think Calvin is a very nice person, but you have to admit he isn't very responsible.

Teddy I think you are right, he has got a lot of growing up to do.

Explanation :

You say 'Don't get me wrong' when you want to make sure that someone does not misunderstand what you are doing or sayng or why you are doing or saying it.

Example :

Dont get me wrong, it is interesting work .....

Give it to me straight

Give it to me straight !!!

Boss As you know Steven, you are a highly-valued worker. However, the company has run into financial difficulty lately that are causing some unexpected repercussions.

Steven Like what ! Give it to me straight.

Boss I am afraid we have to lay you off.

Explanation :

If you give someone a straight answer , you speak honestly and frankly to them.

Example :

What a shifty arguer he is, refusing ever to give a straight answer to a straight question.

I'll tell you what

I'll tell you what !!!

Dave Let's go to the movies in Prickly tomorrow.
Kuno Ok, where should we meet. Do you know where Lot 10 is ? We went there together.
Dave No, I don't remember. Let's meet somewhere outside Prickly.
Kuno I'll tell you what -- name the place and I'll pick you up.

Explanation :

In spoken English, you use I'll tell you what or I tell you what to introduce suggestion or a new topic of conversation.

Example :

I tell you what, I'll bring the water in a separate glass.

In a row

In a row !!!

Jane The new year will be here before you know it.
Mei This year really went by fast.
Jane It seems every year goes by faster.
Mei I especially enjoy the new year, though.
Jane Why ?
Mei We have three holidays in a row.

Explanation :

If something happens several times in a row, it happens that number of times without a break. If something happens several days in a row, it happens on each of those days.

Example :

They have won five championships in a row.

Up to something

Up to something !!!

Jennifer Yeah, great. But who recorded these for you?
Billy My classmate, as a joke. It makes me sound like a womanizer.
Jennifer Well, then let me record one for you.
Billy OK. Cool. Be sexy. Here. Go!
Jennifer Hey, jerk! Answer the phone, you idiot!
Billy Hey! I should have known you were up to something.

Explanation :

If you say that someone is up to something, you mean that they are secretly doing something that they should not be doing.

Example :

Why did you need a room unless you were up to something.

In the air

In the air !!!

Jenny Vanessa! Guess what. Leo proposed to me!
Vanessa Wow. Love is in the air. Did you accept?
Jenny Not yet. I have some the age factor. I'm really robbing the cradle here.
Vanessa So he's eight years younger...he's mature for his age.
Jenny I'm worried about the cultural differences, too.
Vanessa You guys have the same interests and similar personalities. AND you have the same dreams.

Explanation :

If something is in the air it is felt to be present, but it is not talked about

Example :

There was great excitement in the air ...

Don't flatter yourself

Don't flatter yourself !!!

Jean What is that noise ?
Harry What noise?
Jean I hear a girl saying "Harry, honey. Please pick up the phone, you stud..."
Harry Oh! That's my new cell phone. It must be my latest squeeze, Jane.
Jean Jane ?
Harry Yeah. She's totally into me. She calls me all the time.
Jean Don't flatter yourself!

Explanation :

If someone says to you ' don't flatter yourself ', they mean that they disagree with your good opinion of yourself.

Example :

I flatter myself that this campaign will put an end to the war.

He is a good catch

He is a good catch !!!

Joe Guess who else is falling into the love trap.
Judy It better not be Bobbie. I don't want to lose another friend to the death of love.
Joe It's Marie. With the guy from New York..
Judy No wonder! I saw her wearing a promise ring.
Joe I encouraged her. I think he's a good catch.
Judy It better not be just 'cuz he looks like Tom Cruise. Marriage is more than a fling with a movie-star look-alike.

Explanation :

If you describe someone as a good catch, you mean that they have lots of good qualities and you think their partner or employer is very lucky to have found them.

Example :

I was so in love with him and all my friends said what a good catch he was.

Work like a charm

Work like a charm !!!

Salesman Lowest prices! Best quality! Hello, sir!
Buyer Oh, hi. I'm just looking. I have a computer already.
Salesman How long have you had it?
Buyer Years. Works like a charm.
Salesman Years? What a dinosaur! I can't believe you still use it.
Buyer It's fine for writing letters and ...

Explanation :

If you say that something worked like a charm, you mean that it was very effective or successful.

Example :

Economically, the policy worked like a charm.

My battery is low

My battery must be low !!!

Girl "Hello " ?
AJ "Hi it's me what's up baby ? I'm sorry ! Listen ! I'm gonna be late tonight so don't stay up and wait for me OK ?"
Girl "Where are you ?"
AJ "Wait wait ! Say that again ?"
Girl "Hello ?"
AJ "You're coming in and out I think my battery must be low. Listen ! If you can hear me we're going to a place nearby, alright ? Gotta go " ( click )

Explanation :

That battery is low means you are running out of battery.

Have the knack

She just seems to have the knack !!!

Melanie I'm so envious of Lara's cooking.
Anne Me too, everything she does tastes perfect.
Melanie I tried some of her recipes myself, but they just don't seem to turn out right.
Anne You're not the only one, I tried to make her Black Forest cake the other day. It tasted all right but not half as good as Lara's.
Melanie How does she do it I wonder ?
Anne She just seems to have the knack.

Explanation :

A knack is a particularly clever or skilful way of doing something successfully, especially something which most people find difficult.

Example : He's got the knack of getting people to listen.

Go at a steady pace

Go at steady pace !!!

James Where are you going on the weekend ?
Harry I'm going hiking with some classmate.
James Hiking ? Isn't that rather strenuous ?
Harry Not if you go at a steady pace and take the occasional break.
James Oh, that doesn't sound too bad.
Harry Why don't you join us ? You'll have a great time.

Explanation :

If you do something at a steady pace , you do it at a speed that is comfortable for you.

Let's go for a spin

Let's go for a spin !!!

Clyde I'm feeling energetic today. Let's go for a spin.
Al OK. I need some exercise.
Clyde Where shall we go ?
Al Let's go around the lake, over the hill and come back through the wood.
Clyde Fine, that's about 15 kilometers, enough for one day.
Al Don't forget your puncture outfit and crash helmet.

Explanation :

If you go for a spin, or take a car for a spin, you make a short journey in a car just to enjoy yourself.

Stick at it

Stick at it !!!

Niall Don't you find these rowing machines hard work ?
Harry I certainly do, but they're supposed to be.
Niall How often do you come to the gym for a workout ?
Harry Three times a week at least if I can manage it.
Niall No wonder you look so fit and trim.
Harry Thanks. Stick at it and you can be the same.

Explanation :

If you stick at a task or activity, you continue doing it, even if it is difficult.

Example : He became more and more irritated by her inability to stick at anything.

Gets up my nose

It really gets up my nose !!!

Teddy It's been a pretty tight game so far, don't you think ?
Martin Yes, neither side have looked like scoring a goal so far.
Teddy Except that one time when our striker was almost through but was fouled by the fullback. The referee didn't see it.
Martin Yes, it really gets up my nose when something like that happens.
Teddy Well, let's hope that the ref will be looking right way if that fullback tries playing dirty again.
Martin And then we'll get a penalty.

Explanation :

If you say that someone or something gets up your nose, you mean that they annoy you.

Example : He's just getting up my nose so much at the moment.

Held up by traffic

They've probably been held up by the traffic !!!

Tom You're not looking too cheerful.
Henry Well, I arranged with Bob and Chris to meet me here for a drink at seven o'clock. It's now a quarter to eight and neither of them has turned up.
Tom I wouldn't give up hope. They've probably been held up by the traffic. It's been very heavy for the past hour.
Henry Even so, they should have turned up by now.
Tom Well, I'd give them another quarter of an hour or so.
Henry OK, but after that I'm going home.

Explanation :

To hold somebody or something up means to delay somebody or something.

Example : Traffic was held up for several hours by the accident.

My luggage went astray

My luggage went astray !!!

Maggie I had a terrible time on my last trip to Europe.
Bernard Why, what happened ? Did you have an accident ?
Maggie No, my luggage went astray. When I arrived in Paris and went to collect my case from the baggage carousel, it never arrived.
Bernard What happened to it ? Had somebody collected it by mistake or stolen it ?
Maggie No, it had been sent on to London by mistake.
Bernard Did you get it back.
Maggie Yes I did, but it took two whole days. I was absolutely furious.

Explanation :

If something goes astray, it gets lost while it is being taken or sent somewhere.

Example : Many items of mail being sent to her have gone astray.

Changing channels

He kept changing channels on the remote !!!

Sharon My mother got really annoyed with my father yesterday evening.
Heather Why, did he complain about her cooking ?
Sharon Oh no, she's a great cook. It was when they were watching television.
Heather Don't tell me he fell asleep in front of the television and started snoring.
Sharon No, he does that sometimes but this was because he kept changing channels on the remote.
Heather All men do that, it's one of their most annoying habits.

What do you fancy ?

What do you fancy ?

Sian Let's eat out tonight. I don't feel like cooking.
Vincent Well why not ? What do you fancy ?
Sian I think Japanese would make a nice change.
Vincent Fine. How about that new place just off the market square ?
Sian Good idea. I'll go and freshen up first.
Vincent OK, in the meantime I'll phone to book a table.

Explanation :

If you fancy something, you want to have it or to do it

Example : Do you fancy going to see a movie sometime ?

Over the moon

He's clearly over the moon about something !!!

Gordon Have you seen Johnny today?
Martin No, why ?
Gordon Well he's clearly over the moon about something.
Martin What about ?
Gordon He won't tell anybody, but I've never seen him looking so happy.
Martin He's a betting man, so perhaps he's won a lot of money on the horses.

Explanation :

If you say that you are over the moon, you mean that you are very pleased about something.

Example : She was over the moon about/with her new bike.

Have a lot in common

They seem to have a lot in common !!!

Theresa Mandy and Tom seem to be spending a lot of time together lately.
Yvonne Yes that's true. I've seen them at the swimming pool lately and at the cinema.
Theresa They go on regular bike rides together too.
Yvonne They seem to have a lot in common.
Theresa Yes, they clearly like the same things.
Yvonne I wonder if we'll be hearing wedding bells soon.

She enjoys doing still lifes

She enjoys doing still lifes !!!

Cindy My sister started a new hobby a few months ago.
Heather Really ? Tell me more.
Cindy She's been learning to paint watercolors.
Heather How interesting. What are her favorite subjects ?
Cindy She likes painting landscapes best, but she also enjoys doing still lifes.
Heather I envy her. I've tried to paint in the past, but I'm no good - I have no artistic talent.

Explanation :
still lifes ( plural ) - a type of painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects that do not move, such as flowers, fruit, bowls, etc

Example : We went to an exhibition of 17th century Dutch still lifes.

She sight-reads really well

She sight-reads really well !!!

Clare My elder sister is always in demand at family parties.
Angie Why, is she a good singer ?
Clare No, she plays the piano really well and she can play whatever music anyone puts in front of her.
Angie I can play the piano, but I couldn't do that. How does she do it ?
Clare She sight-reads really well.
Angie I wish I could do that, it's a great skill.

Explanation :
Someone who can sight-read can play or sing music from a printed sheet the first time they see it, without practising it beforehand.
Example : Symphony musicians cannot necessarily sight-read.

A fantastic save

The Real goalie made a fantastic save !!!

Larry Did you see the Barcelona-Real Madrid match on TV yesterday ?
Phillip Of course, what a game ! Three goals each.
Larry Who do you support ?
Phillip Real Madrid, because I'm a Beckham fan.
Larry Barcelona should have won it with that great shot on goal in the last minute.
Phillip Only they didn't because the Real goalie made a fantastic save.

Pan across the ruins

I like the way you pan across the ruins !!!

Carrie Your vacation video is really interesting.
Donald Well, Mexico is a fascinating country.
Carrie What are we looking at now ?
Donald These are the remains of a Mayan city.
Carrie I like the way you pan across the ruins very slowly.
Donald That helps you to see what a really large area they cover.

Explanation :
If you pan a film or television camera or if it pans somewhere, it moves slowly across an area in a wide sweep.
Example : He panned over the crowd for a few minutes before swiveling back to the right.

I wish I could

I wish I could play the piano like you !!!

Andy I wish I could play the piano like you.
Dee I'm sure you could if you tried. You should take some lessons.
Andy I took some when I was younger but I was hopeless.
Dee Why was that ?
Andy I found that I was tone-deaf, which really made it impossible.
Dee Never mind, why don't you try learning the drums? Then being tone-deaf shouldn't matter.

Explanation :
If you wish something were true, you would like it to be true, even though you know that it is impossible or unlikely.
Example : I wish it weren't true.

A really green thumb

She's got a really green thumb !!!

Gordon What a beautiful garden your parents have !
Fiona I'm glad you like it. They certainly spend a lot of time on it.
Gordon And the houseplants are also very attractive.
Fiona They're my mother's specialty. Some of them are nearly twenty years old.
Gordon Good heavens, how does she do it ?
Fiona She's got a really green thumb; plants seem to respond to her.

Explanation :
If you say someone has green fingers, or green thumb, you mean that they are very good at gardening and their plants grow well.
Example : You don't need green thumb to fill your home with lush leaves.


My sister's hobby is dress making !!!

Marion You look slimmer than when I saw you last.
Hettie Yes, I must have lost six pounds over the last two months. my best dress is now too big for me.. I can't wear it any more.
Marion Don't say that, I think I can help you.
Hettie How do you mean ?
Marion Well, my sister's hobby is dress making and I'm sure she wouldn't mind taking it in so that it'll fit you again. I'll ask her.
Hettie That would be fantastic. I'm no good at sewing myself.

A really useful right foot

She's got a really useful right foot !!!

John My sister's really keen on soccer.
Eric Really, what team does she support.
John She doesn't support any in particular. When I say keen, I mean she's an enthusiastic player. She plays for a local women's team.
Eric Is she any good ?
John Well, she's scored ten goals so far this season. She's got a really useful right foot.
Eric Well if that's the case, you really must take me to see her play sometime.

What a bargain

What a bargain !!!

Jenny Look what I've got.
Fay Wow, that's the snazziest looking handbag I've ever seen. Where did you get it ?
Jenny I got it in Paris on my last trip.
Fay I bet it cost a fortune ?
Jenny No it didn't, I got it for half price because the shop was having a clearance sale.
Fay What a bargain ! You'll have to take me with you next time.

Explanation :
Something that is a bargain is good value for money, usually because it has been sold at a lower price than normal.
Example : At this price the wine is a bargain ...

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Skype has added a new switch for supporting multiple users on a single PC. The following steps would show how to create a new shortcut for starting a new Skype instance with a different Skype user account.

  • Open Windows Explorer and go to "C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone."
  • Right click on the Skype icon and select "Create Shortcut."
  • Right click on the new shortcut and select "Properties."
  • Apply " /secondary" to "Target" to become '"C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary.'
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  • Give the new shortcut a new name and move it to anywhere you desired.
  • When you click on this new shortcut, a new Skype window will appear and you can log on using another Skype account.
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I love GOA

I love GOA


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