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Verbs A-L

A. English verbs can be divided into two groups based on the number of forms.

1. Be has eight forms (see Auxiliary Verbs).

2. All other English verbs have five forms (see the list of common English verbs below).

base (sometimes called the simple or bare infinitive form)



ing (traditionally called the present participle)

participle (traditionally called the past participle)

B. Functions of the five verb forms (all verbs except be):

1. The base form has functions both with and without tense.

a. With tense: The base form is the simple present tense form in statements when the subject is I, we, you, they, or any plural.

b. Without tense: The base form is used:

1. in simple present and simple past tense verb phrases when the tense is on the auxiliary do (that is, in questions and negatives) no matter what the subject is;

2. in verb phrases which contain any of the modal, phrasal modal, or modal-like auxiliaries (see Modal Auxiliaries) no matter what the subject is;

3. with to to make infinitives.

2. The +s form has only one function. It is the present tense form in statements when the subject is he, she, it, or any singular other than I or you.

3. The past form has only one function. It is the past tense form in statements no matter what the subject is.

4. The ing form has no tense. It has three functions:

a. It is the main verb in continuous verb phrases.

b. It can be a noun. (It is called a gerund when it functions as a noun.)

c. It can be a modifier.

5. The participle form has no tense. It has two functions:

a. It is the main verb in perfect and passive verb phrases.

b. It can be a modifier.

C. Below is a list of the five forms of some common English verbs. Also see Verbs M-Z.

base: accept +s: accepts past: accepted ing: accepting participle: accepted
base: accuse +s: accuses past: accused ing: accusing participle: accused
base: act +s: acts past: acted ing: acting participle: acted
base: add +s: adds past: added ing: adding participle: added
base: admit +s: admits past: admitted ing: admitting participle: admitted
base: advertise +s: advertises past: advertised ing: advertising participle: advertised
base: advise +s: advises past: advised ing: advising participle: advised
base: affect +s: affects past: affected ing: affecting participle: affected
base: afford +s: affords past: afforded ing: affording participle: afforded
base: agree +s: agrees past: agreed ing: agreeing participle: agreed
base: allow +s: allows past: allowed ing: allowing participle: allowed
base: analyze +s: analyzes past: analyzed ing: analyzing participle: analyzed
base: announce +s: announces past: announced ing: announcing participle: announced
base: answer +s: answers past: answered ing: answering participle: answered
base: appear +s: appears past: appeared ing: appearing participle: appeared
base: apply +s: applies past: applied ing: applying participle: applied
base: appoint +s: appoints past: appointed ing: appointing participle: appointed
base: appreciate +s: appreciates past: appreciated ing: appreciating participle: appreciated
base: argue +s: argues past: argued ing: arguing participle: argued
base: arise +s: arises past: arose ing: arising participle: arisen
base: arouse +s: arouses past: aroused ing: arousing participle: aroused
base: arrange +s: arranges past: arranged ing: arranging participle: arranged
base: arrest +s: arrests past: arrested ing: arresting participle: arrested
base: arrive +s: arrives past: arrived ing: arriving participle: arrived
base: ask +s: asks past: asked ing: asking participle: asked
base: assign +s: assigns past: assigned ing: assigning participle: assigned
base: assist +s: assists past: assisted ing: assisting participle: assisted
base: attempt +s: attempts past: attempted ing: attempting participle: attempted
base: avoid +s: avoids past: avoided ing: avoiding participle: avoided
base: bake +s: bakes past: baked ing: baking participle: baked
base: bark +s: barks past: barked ing: barking participle: barked
base: bear +s: bears past: bore ing: bearing participle: born
base: beat +s: beats past: beat ing: beating participle: beaten
base: become +s: becomes past: became ing: becoming participle: become
base: beg +s: begs past: begged ing: begging participle: begged
base: begin +s: begins past: began ing: beginning participle: begun
base: bend +s: bends past: bent ing: bending participle: bent
base: bet +s: bets past: bet ing: betting participle: bet
base: bid +s: bids past: bid ing: bidding participle: bid
base: bind +s: binds past: bound ing: binding participle: bound
base: bite +s: bites past: bit ing: biting participle: bitten
base: bleed +s: bleeds past: bled ing: bleeding participle: bled
base: blow +s: blows past: blew ing: blowing participle: blown
base: boil +s: boils past: boiled ing: boiling participle: boiled
base: bore +s: bores past: bored ing: boring participle: bored
base: borrow +s: borrows past: borrowed ing: borrowing participle: borrowed
base: bother +s: bothers past: bothered ing: bothering participle: bothered
base: bow +s: bows past: bowed ing: bowing participle: bowed
base: break +s: breaks past: broke ing: breaking participle: broken
base: breathe +s: breathes past: breathed ing: breathing participle: breathed
base: breed +s: breeds past: bred ing: breeding participle: bred
base: bring +s: brings past: brought ing: bringing participle: brought
base: broadcast +s: broadcasts past: broadcast ing: broadcasting participle: broadcast
base: brush +s: brushes past: brushed ing: brushing participle: brushed
base: build +s: builds past: built ing: building participle: built
base: burn +s: burns past: burned ing: burning participle: burned
base: burst +s: bursts past: burst ing: bursting participle: burst
base: buy +s: buys past: bought ing: buying participle: bought
base: calculate +s: calculates past: calculated ing: calculating participle: calculated
base: call +s: calls past: called ing: calling participle: called
base: care +s: cares past: cared ing: caring participle: cared
base: carry +s: carries past: carried ing: carrying participle: carried
base: cash +s: cashes past: cashed ing: cashing participle: cashed
base: cast +s: casts past: cast ing: casting participle: cast
base: catch +s: catches past: caught ing: catching participle: caught
base: cater +s: caters past: catered ing: catering participle: catered
base: cause +s: causes past: caused ing: causing participle: caused
base: change +s: changes past: changed ing: changing participle: changed
base: charge +s: charges past: charged ing: charging participle: charged
base: chase +s: chases past: chased ing: chasing participle: chased
base: chat +s: chats past: chatted ing: chatting participle: chatted
base: cheat +s: cheats past: cheated ing: cheating participle: cheated
base: chew +s: chews past: chewed ing: chewing participle: chewed
base: choose +s: chooses past: chose ing: choosing participle: chosen
base: clean +s: cleans past: cleaned ing: cleaning participle: cleaned
base: climb +s: climbs past: climbed ing: climbing participle: climbed
base: cling +s: clings past: clung ing: clinging participle: clung
base: close +s: closes past: closed ing: closing participle: closed
base: comb +s: combs past: combed ing: combing participle: combed
base: come +s: comes past: came ing: coming participle: come
base: command +s: commands past: commanded ing: commanding participle: commanded
base: compel +s: compels past: compelled ing: compelling participle: compelled
base: confuse +s: confuses past: confused ing: confusing participle: confused
base: consent +s: consents past: consented ing: consenting participle: consented
base: consider +s: considers past: considered ing: considering participle: considered
base: continue +s: continues past: continued ing: continuing participle: continued
base: control +s: controls past: controlled ing: controlling participle: controlled
base: cook +s: cooks past: cooked ing: cooking participle: cooked
base: cost +s: costs past: cost ing: costing participle: cost
base: cough +s: coughs past: coughed ing: coughing participle: coughed
base: count +s: counts past: counted ing: counting participle: counted
base: cower +s: cowers past: cowered ing: cowering participle: cowered
base: crash +s: crashes past: crashed ing: crashing participle: crashed
base: creep +s: creeps past: crept ing: creeping participle: crept
base: cruise +s: cruises past: cruised ing: cruising participle: cruised
base: cry +s: cries past: cried ing: crying participle: cried
base: cut +s: cuts past: cut ing: cutting participle: cut
base: dance +s: dances past: danced ing: dancing participle: danced
base: dare +s: dares past: dared ing: daring participle: dared
base: date +s: dates past: dated ing: dating participle: dated
base: deal +s: deals past: dealt ing: dealing participle: dealt
base: decide +s: decides past: decided ing: deciding participle: decided
base: declare +s: declares past: declared ing: declaring participle: declared
base: defend +s: defends past: defended ing: defending participle: defended
base: defer +s: defers past: deferred ing: deferring participle: deferred
base: deny +s: denies past: denied ing: denying participle: denied
base: depend +s: depends past: depended ing: depending participle: depended
base: deposit +s: deposits past: deposited ing: depositing participle: deposited
base: describe +s: describes past: described ing: describing participle: described
base: deserve +s: deserves past: deserved ing: deserving participle: deserved
base: despise +s: despises past: despised ing: despising participle: despised
base: deter +s: deters past: deterred ing: deterring participle: deterred
base: determine +s: determines past: determined ing: determining participle: determined
base: die +s: dies past: died ing: dying participle: died
base: dig +s: digs past: dug ing: digging participle: dug
base: discover +s: discovers past: discovered ing: discovering participle: discovered
base: dislike +s: dislikes past: disliked ing: disliking participle: disliked
base: dive +s: dives past: dove ing: diving participle: dived
base: divide +s: divides past: divided ing: dividing participle: divided
base: do +s: does past: did ing: doing participle: done
base: draw +s: draws past: drew ing: drawing participle: drawn
base: dream +s: dreams past: dreamed ing: dreaming participle: dreamed
base: dress +s: dresses past: dressed ing: dressing participle: dressed
base: drink +s: drinks past: drank ing: drinking participle: drunk
base: drive +s: drives past: drove ing: driving participle: driven
base: dye +s: dyes past: dyed ing: dyeing participle: dyed
base: eat +s: eats past: ate ing: eating participle: eaten
base: enjoy +s: enjoys past: enjoyed ing: enjoying participle: enjoyed
base: enter +s: enters past: entered ing: entering participle: entered
base: entertain +s: entertains past: entertained ing: entertaining participle: entertained
base: erase +s: erases past: erased ing: erasing participle: erased
base: escape +s: escapes past: escaped ing: escaping participle: escaped
base: examine +s: examines past: examined ing: examining participle: examined
base: excite +s: excites past: excited ing: exciting participle: excited
base: exist +s: exists past: existed ing: existing participle: existed
base: exit +s: exits past: exited ing: exiting participle: exited
base: expect +s: expects past: expected ing: expecting participle: expected
base: explain +s: explains past: explained ing: explaining participle: explained
base: fail +s: fails past: failed ing: failing participle: failed
base: fall +s: falls past: fell ing: falling participle: fallen
base: fear +s: fears past: feared ing: fearing participle: feared
base: feed +s: feeds past: fed ing: feeding participle: fed
base: feel +s: feels past: felt ing: feeling participle: felt
base: fight +s: fights past: fought ing: fighting participle: fought
base: fill +s: fills past: filled ing: filling participle: filled
base: find +s: finds past: found ing: finding participle: found
base: finish +s: finishes past: finished ing: finishing participle: finished
base: fit +s: fits past: fit ing: fitting participle: fit
base: fix +s: fixes past: fixed ing: fixing participle: fixed
base: flee +s: flees past: fled ing: fleeing participle: fled
base: fling +s: flings past: flung ing: flinging participle: flung
base: fly +s: flies past: flew ing: flying participle: flown
base: follow +s: follows past: followed ing: following participle: followed
base: fool +s: fools past: fooled ing: fooling participle: fooled
base: forbid +s: forbids past: forbade ing: forbidding participle: forbidden
base: force +s: forces past: forced ing: forcing participle: forced
base: forget +s: forgets past: forgot ing: forgetting participle: forgotten
base: forgive +s: forgives past: forgave ing: forgiving participle: forgiven
base: found +s: founds past: founded ing: founding participle: founded
base: freeze +s: freezes past: froze ing: freezing participle: frozen
base: frighten +s: frightens past: frightened ing: frightening participle: frightened
base: fry +s: fries past: fried ing: frying participle: fried
base: get +s: gets past: got ing: getting participle: gotten
base: give +s: gives past: gave ing: giving participle: given
base: glimmer +s: glimmers past: glimmered ing: glimmering participle: glimmered
base: glitter +s: glitters past: glittered ing: glittering participle: glittered
base: gnaw +s: gnaws past: gnawed ing: gnawing participle: gnawed
base: go +s: goes past: went ing: going participle: gone
base: grind +s: grinds past: ground ing: rinding participle: ground
base: grow +s: grows past: grew ing: growing participle: grown
base: guess +s: guesses past: guessed ing: guessing participle: guessed
base: hang +s: hangs past: hanged ing: hanging participle: hanged
base: hang +s: hangs past: hung ing: hanging participle: hung
base: happen +s: happens past: happened ing: happening participle: happened
base: hate +s: hates past: hated ing: hating participle: hated
base: have +s: has past: had ing: having participle: had
base: hear +s: hears past: heard ing: hearing participle: heard
base: heat +s: heats past: heated ing: heating participle: heated
base: help +s: helps past: helped ing: helping participle: helped
base: hesitate +s: hesitates past: hesitated ing: hesitating participle: hesitated
base: hide +s: hides past: hid ing: hiding participle: hidden
base: hike +s: hikes past: hiked ing: hiking participle: hiked
base: hire +s: hires past: hired ing: hiring participle: hired
base: hit +s: hits past: hit ing: hitting participle: hit
base: hold +s: holds past: held ing: holding participle: held
base: hope +s: hopes past: hoped ing: hoping participle: hoped
base: hover +s: hovers past: hovered ing: hovering participle: hovered
base: hunt +s: hunts past: hunted ing: hunting participle: hunted
base: hurt +s: hurts past: hurt ing: hurting participle: hurt
base: imagine +s: imagines past: imagined ing: imagining participle: imagined
base: imitate +s: imitates past: imitated ing: imitating participle: imitated
base: imply +s: implies past: implied ing: implying participle: implied
base: improve +s: improves past: improved ing: improving participle: improved
base: infer +s: infers past: inferred ing: inferring participle: inferred
base: inform +s: informs past: informed ing: informing participle: informed
base: injure +s: injures past: injured ing: injuring participle: injured
base: insist +s: insists past: insisted ing: insisting participle: insisted
base: instruct +s: instructs past: instructed ing: instructing participle: instructed
base: intend +s: intends past: intended ing: intending participle: intended
base: introduce +s: introduces past: introduced ing: introducing participle: introduced
base: invent +s: invents past: invented ing: inventing participle: invented
base: invite +s: invites past: invited ing: inviting participle: invited
base: jam +s: jams past: jammed ing: jamming participle: jammed
base: jerk +s: jerks past: jerked ing: jerking participle: jerked
base: jingle +s: jingles past: jingled ing: jingling participle: jingled
base: jog +s: jogs past: jogged ing: jogging participle: jogged
base: join +s: joins past: joined ing: joining participle: joined
base: joke +s: jokes past: joked ing: joking participle: joked
base: jolt +s: jolts past: jolted ing: jolting participle: jolted
base: judge +s: judges past: judged ing: judging participle: judged
base: juggle +s: juggles past: juggled ing: juggling participle: juggled
base: jump +s: jumps past: jumped ing: jumping participle: jumped
base: keep +s: keeps past: kept ing: keeping participle: kept
base: kill +s: kills past: killed ing: killing participle: killed
base: kneel +s: kneels past: knelt ing: kneeling participle: knelt
base: knock +s: knocks past: knocked ing: knocking participle: knocked
base: know +s: knows past: knew ing: knowing participle: known
base: land +s: lands past: landed ing: landing participle: landed
base: laugh +s: laughs past: laughed ing: laughing participle: laughed
base: lay +s: lays past: laid ing: laying participle: laid
base: lead +s: leads past: led ing: leading participle: led
base: leap +s: leaps past: leaped ing: leaping participle: leaped
base: learn +s: learns past: learned ing: learning participle: learned
base: lease +s: leases past: leased ing: leasing participle: leased
base: leave +s: leaves past: left ing: leaving participle: left
base: lend +s: lends past: lent ing: lending participle: lent
base: let +s: lets past: let ing: letting participle: let
base: lie +s: lies past: lay ing: lying participle: lain
base: lie +s: lies past: lied ing: lying participle: lied
base: lift +s: lifts past: lifted ing: lifting participle: lifted
base: light +s: lights past: lit ing: lighting participle: lit
base: like +s: likes past: liked ing: liking participle: liked
base: liquefy +s: liquefies past: liquefied ing: liquefying participle: liquefied
base: listen +s: listens past: listened ing: listening participle: listened
base: live +s: lives past: lived ing: living participle: lived
base: loan +s: loans past: loaned ing: loaning participle: loaned
base: look +s: looks past: looked ing: looking participle: looked
base: lose +s: loses past: lost ing: losing participle: lost
base: love +s: loves past: loved ing: loving participle: loved


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