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To be able to
Can you drive?
She can speak four languages.
Can you read that sign from this distance?
The doctors are doing all that they can, but she's still not breathing properly.
Do the best you can - I realize the circumstances are not ideal.
If the party is awful, we can always leave (= that would be one possible solution to our problem).
"She's really furious about it." "Can you blame her (= I'm not surprised)?"


I don't know how he can afford a new car on his salary.

Cats can see in the dark.

The water's not deep here - look, I can touch the bottom.

I doubt whether I can finish the work on time.

Computers can perform millions of calculations every second.


can/could or be able to?
Be able to means the same as can, but it is used in different kinds of sentences. Be able to is used after modal and auxiliary verbs, for example when you use the verb will in order to talk about the future.

I'm afraid I won't be able to come to your party.
I'm afraid I won't can come to your party. (wrong)

When you form the simple past with could it refers to a general ability.

I could swim before I was three.
When you form the simple past with was/were able to it refers to something
you managed to do on a particular occasion.

A man was able to swim out to the girl and save her.


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Every Human Being MUST watch this video

Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as a great examples of the celebration of life over limitations.

The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.



Think you've got it bad?
Need some encouragement?
Fallen down?
Can't find the STRENGTH to get back up?

Watch this video. It will help. Then share it with others.


"If I fail, I try again, and again, and again..."
If YOU fail, are YOU going to try again?

It matters how you're going to FINISH...
Are you going to finish STRONG?

We are put in situations to build our character... not destroy us.

The tensions in our life are there to strengthen our convictions... not to run over us.


Nick is thankful for what he HAS.
He's not bitter for what he does NOT have.

I have never met a bitter person who was thankful.
I have never met a thankful person who was bitter.

In life you have a choice: Bitter or BETTER?


yes this is not the End!! Never GIVE UP



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I love GOA


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